Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Fun - July 11th

Monday - This week started super busy!  I enrolled the boys into swimming lessons and today was their first lesson.  I loved watching them swim!  We then went on to haircuts, lunch out, the grocery store and Menards.  After dinner, the boys returned to Tae Kwon Do too!


Tuesday - Our fun today continued with swimming lessons.  It is amazing how much they learn and how fast they learn it.  I had a few small things planned but after lunch the boys pulled out puzzles and games and then went outside so I just let them play.

Wednesday - Swimming lessons continue! After dinner, I took the boys to see The BFG while Darryl was at practice. It was an awesome movie - one of the best I've seen in quite awhile.
Thursday - Day four of swimming lessons :-)  Swimming gives us plenty of excitement each day.  Later in the day, the boys got the sprinkler out for more water fun.

Friday - The kids started the morning by getting out some toys they haven't played with in awhile :-) We met friends for bowling (we get to go free all summer!) and then a picnic lunch.  Friday night, we went swimming!