Monday, January 27, 2014

What to Blog About . . .

I usually do some sort of odd Homeschooling post today but . . .we haven't been doing much.  We are in the middle of "The Long Winter" and I don't mean the Little House Books either ;-)  I, personally, am enjoying a true Michigan winter.  The snow brings a softness and quietness to the world.  Even yesterday as we drove to church, the snow was falling, the drifts were piled high, and the trees were covered - true beauty.  Last winter I felt discouraged by the end because it was so . .. brown . . .and wet . . but this year is fabulous.  With that said, it is also the coldest it has been in decades.  On Tuesday, the high is supposed to be 5 degrees with a windchill of between (wait for it . .. ) -30 and -40 below.  Reminds me of my days at college :-)  With it that cold, the kids are not going outside at all.  One one hand, it sure is nice not to spend 30 minutes getting them dressed for outside to only play outside for 15 minutes but, they would enjoy playing in the snow.  For the record, yes, my Christmas stuff is still up.  I like having 10 fingers and don't want to lose them to frostbite just to get Christmas decor down!  We at least unplugged them :-)

So that's all for now - stay warm and maybe, since we are stuck inside, we'll do some class work this week.  Maybe.