Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer Fun Week 3

Wow, third week of summer!  I really enjoy summer (not 100 degree days though!) and I find that with homeschool that fills our days during the school year, it makes summer more special because we are tied to books and desks.  I will say that I think last week was probably the busiest week of our summer and things will slow down as the weeks progress!!  Here's the plan for the coming week

Thursday - Today is the last day of Running Club (my kids are so tired!).  I also have book club in the evening so the boys are going to have dinner with my mom. This day went just as planned.  The boys WERE tired by the end of Thursday.  

Friday - Today the boys are going to a one day Vacation Bible School that they are super excited about! This day also went as planned :-) 

Saturday - I "think" Darryl is taking this day off so we will celebrate Father's Day with him. We hung out at home and then had dinner at my mom's 

Sunday - We tend to keep Sundays kind of quiet.  If the weather is nice we will go swimming; if not we will just crash at home! We crashed at home after church and lunch.  

Monday - Josh is getting his hair cut; Nate has Tae Kwon Do. We added a few things - we had lunch at my moms followed by running some errands.  So we had a busy day. 

Tuesday - The boys have orthodontist appointments to get their expanders.  Neither one is looking forward to this day so we will probably just come home. Dentist appointments went well and then we ended the day with swimming at the pool since it was a perfect day!  

Wednesday - Swimming if the weather will cooperate! The weather did not cooperate so we just hung out at home.  The power went out just before time to make dinner so we ended up having to grab something out (no, I wasn't heartbroken HA!)   It was a pretty quiet day.