Tuesday, April 7, 2020

April Goals

I feel like it's almost a little silly to write goals for April but there is still a lot that can be accomplished at home.  So, to keep motivated and not just sit around all the time and do nothing, I have goals!

1) Scrapbooking.  I'd like to make this a focus in April.  1) Make sure that all photos from January-April are uploaded to snapfish  2) Order one months work of photo pages 3) Order 1-2 months worth of photos 3) Scrapbook, dare I say, all of the current photos I have on hand

2) Reading - My goal this month is just to read.  I'd like to finish a book or two :-)

3) Cleaning - Complete my 20 days of cleaning list for the month.  This month my main focus is the bathroom and then also beginning to help the boys clean too.  They need to go through all of their bins and piles in their room(s) and clean stuff out and organize it better so they know what they have!

4) Family Time - We have Easter to celebrate this month!  It might look different then past years but we will still celebrate!  This is my birthday month too so we will do something to celebrate :-)  (Even if it is at home!) Plus, board games, video games and movies!

5) Another main goal this month is my niece's graduation book - I want to get photos picked out and send out the letter to my family to get them working on letters!

6) Darryl's list - 1) Run the 2nd ethernet cable 2) Help Josh with his telescope and VR headset 3) Work on a way to display Nate's boards

7) Homeschool - To end April current.  This will be hard, honestly, because of our scheduling right now but I'm hoping to get there.  Also, I want Nate done with his Michigan History Project and his Opinion Paper.  I want Josh done with his Social Studies project and his Opinion Paper.   

8) My MISC list - 1) Go through everyone's clothes, clean them out and figure out what is needed 2) Clean out my truck.

9) The basement - I'm hoping to pick up about 4 bins this month and then work on sorting stuff - I've been working on getting rid of all the bins that aren't see through and transferring stuff into clean bins making it easier to see what is in each one.  This also allows me to declutter stuff!

10) Music - Work on a piano and a vocal song for the future!

11) Co-Op - Our Co-op ended kind of abruptly this year so I'm looking forward to the fall.  I want to start working on my classes so my goal this month is simple - two finish 2-3 weeks worth of lesson plans for each class (2) I'm teaching.

My list is a little shorter this month because there are some things I just can't realistically do at this point but hopefully I can focus on what can be done and get ahead of the game!