Saturday, August 31, 2019

Our Weekly Photos #33

Here's a look back at our week!

Saturday = a quiet day at home.  Darryl has been feeling a little under the weather so we hung around home.

Sunday = church, dinner with my mom, and a restful afternoon.

Monday = Nate and I worked on cleaning out the playroom so we can make it "his" room.  He requested to have his own space for his stuff so we are making that happen.  For now, he still wants to sleep in the same room with Josh (plus we have a couch in the playroom for now) so we are just moving his stuff and it will be "his room" to hang out in.

Tuesday = Today I worked with Josh on organizing his stuff and then the boys and I worked through the playroom stuff to figure out what needed to go where.

Wednesday = SWIMMING!!!

Thursday = Agape Stuff!

Friday = NOTHING!  HA!  Actually, I sat outside for over an hour on my swing and read.  The weather was perfect for that!

Do you notice what's missing?? Photos!  Anytime we do reorganizing I never remember to take photos!!!  Oh well.  We did have a busy week but we got alot done and had fun too!