Friday, July 21, 2017

Weekly Menu - It's time to camp again!

When we camped earlier this summer, we made the decision that we weren't going to camp if we couldn't go for four days.  It's so much work to set up and tear down that we really wanted to be able to enjoy two full days of camping inbetween.  So, that's what we are doing!  I've also done alot of Pinterest searches to find some really easy but delicisous ideas for meals.  I worked on planning ahead and cooking up as much before hand as possible so I can just throw meals into the crock pot at the campsite without needing to do any real cooking!

Here's the plan:

Friday:Tacos - I made Tacos a few weeks ago and had lots of meat left so I froze it.  We will eat that to keep life simple!

Saturday - Chinese Chicken and Broccoli

Sunday - (Day 1) - Tortilla Wrap ups, Perfect Picnic Sandwich, pasta salad

Monday - (Day 2) - Breakfast: Muffins, donut holes and hard boiled eggs; Lunch - we will eat at our favorite pizza resturant; Dinner - Steak Kabobs over the fire, fried zucchini and a tossed salad

Tuesday - (Day 3) - Breakfast - Premade breakfast burritos; Lunch - Sloppy joes and other leftovers; Dinner - Pineapple pork tacos, corn on the cob, and chips and cheese

Wednesday - (Day 4) - Breakfast - McMaster McMuffins; Lunch - On the road home : Dinner - Leftovers from camping

Thursday - I don't usually plan anything after camping only because we almost always come home with at least one meal not cooked that I planned.  So, dinner will be whatever is left OR whatever is in the fridge/freezer.