Saturday, November 16, 2019

Our Week in Photos #42

Here's a quick look back at our week!

Saturday - I got to attend a ladies breakfast with some friends which was a nice treat for me!  Then the boys and I went with my mom so they could all shop for their Operation Christmas Shoebox gifts.  Finally, the boys had a friend come over to play for the afternoon.

Sunday - Church followed by packing boxes at church for Shoeboxes!  This is the first time we attended and it was really an enjoyable event.  The boys loved it.

Monday - The plan was school but . . .we got a snow storm.  The first of the season so we had a snow day and the kids all played outside!

 Our dog does NOT like the snow HA!
A few friends playing in the snow! 

Tuesday - We got some school done followed by a trip to the Orthodontist and piano lessons!

Wednesday - Finally - just a school day!

Thursday - I had a leadership team meeting and then Nate went to a friends house to play for the afternoon.

Friday - We had a Co-Op gathering today followed by an afternoon at home.

It was a busy, but fun week!