Sunday, January 15, 2012

Home School Haven

No, I don't homeschool currently - we aren't even doing preschool due to my kids ages.  (They have late fall/winter birthdays which push them back one year) but instead of posting these ideas within the "Too Cute to Toot" posts, I want to post them separately so that I can more easily find them later.  I'm going to work on keeping this post reserved for teaching helps - not crafts or school snacks (not that a few won't sneak in!).  Do I plan on home schooling my kids - we are leaning that direction but have not made that final decision as of yet.  Whether we do or not, these are still great resources to use even for "Busy Bags" or extra fun notebooks!  This may not always be a weekly post - it just depends on the ideas I find.  Some weeks this may include things I've actually done with my own kids :-)

Lets start with an updated Winter Unit from 2 Teaching Mommies.  This is a really great website for all kinds of teaching supplements.  I love their theme units and this one is no exception!
Carissa from 1+1+1=1 is now writing for Totally Tots and is starting a new ABC segment based on animals!  I'm excited about this one because it is super simple and I really want to use it with my kids - especially my oldest. 
Last fall when I was going to start doing some things with the boys (before I realized I was a whole year ahead HA!) I started working on some sand paper letters but this site, Living montessori now, shares not only a better way to make them but just tons and tons of links for other ideas about letters. 
Here is a simple idea I want to remember from Learning Ideas - Grades K-8 for making a rain gauge.  We are going to be making snow rulers soon (as soon as I know we are going to have snow) so these will be great to make this spring.
These are another great idea for the spring/summer and would be a great science experiment.  The idea comes from Happy Whimsical Hearts

One idea I see alot is something called "Work Trays" or "Work Boxes".  I'm not sure if I will ever actually use this idea fully but it is a great way to set up a class room.  This set up revolves a lot around the letter A from The Princess and the Tot.  One thing that these ideas do for me right now is give me ideas of things to watch for on sale so I can build up my teaching supplies for the future.
I've seen several blogs using this Pre-K curriculum as a way to start teaching their little ones and from what I've seen and read, it seems like a great program.  It is called All About Reading.  I'm tucking this idea away as a possibility of Preschool curriculum to use this coming fall.
I'm always looking for new ideas for gifts for my kids; this helps me and helps me give ideas to grandparents when birthdays and Christmas approach.  I saw this game over at 1+1+1=1 and really like it.  It is a Scrabble Alphabet Soup game.

1+1+1=1 also shares a bunch of themes and printables for the "month of love" - so many great ideas!

Here's another gift idea  - it is Tangoes Jr and can be found at Amazon. (I need to get more Swag Bucks so I can buy books AND this stuff for the kids HA)
I really like the concept behind the Hot Dots Jr Card Set and will for shizzle be picking a set of these up for the boys by this fall.