Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Too Cute Not to Toot!

Last week I mentioned that I haven't had time to do many crafts lately and I've been thinking about how to go about getting some things done I want to make.  I was saving ideas that people post but than get overwhelmed with how many I have saved.  So instead, I went back to my very first "Too Cute Not to Toot" post and am just going to start working my way through some of those ideas.  Yes, that means that I'll be making some Halloween things now but that will be nice when it comes to Sept/Oct - I'll have some new decorations to put out!  I'm excited about this idea and think I can really work to get some things done plus, I'm sure there will be some new ideas (like the first one below) that I'll make now but otherwise, it's back to the beginning!  I plan on posting my own tutorials along the way along with my "make it easier" ideas since I tend to do things the hard way first LOL 

I saw this posted on a blog I follow and thankfully she linked back to the tutorial - I LOVE this idea as a baby gift!  I'm hoping I can make it to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies for two upcoming showers!  Check out the easy tutorial over at Life Sweet Life

One of the blogs I follow, Bake at 350, gives a ton of ideas on how to decorate cookies (and more!).  I have yet to try these but it is on my to do list.  Because I so enjoy looking at her posts, I thought it was about time I share her talent with you.
Check out the full post here

Craftomaniac gives a really cute (and "cheep" - sorry . . ) idea for an Easter Craft/decoration.  Yep, it really is time to start thinking about Easter :-)
She also shares this really cute St Patrick's Idea for Pots-of-Gold for the kids (and for mom too!)
All I'll say is that, if you come to my house later this year, you will see this idea on the door from Peppermint Plum

I know you will all think I'm crazy but I really like this idea from Home . . Is where they love you for creating a faux animal head to hang on the wall.  I love how she painted the ceramic piece white.  Some day, in my dream home, I will have a "cabin room' - this would make a fantastic addition to that room.
Sometimes I post ideas for you to enjoy and sometimes I post them as reminders to myself of something I want to make and this is one of those!  I love jewelry but seldom get to wear it or purchase it - it always seems like an extravagance for some odd reason BUT I really like this ring and I would love to make some of my own jewelry.  Great Oak Circle gives a great tutorial for how to make this awesome ring.
Food is a craft too, right?  One of the items on my 40x40 list is to learn to make the perfect cheesecake and it looks like What Megan's Making has helped me out a little with this post!

That's all for this week!  I usually try to hit up all of the Monday link parties to grab more ideas but yesterday was a little busy so I'll plug those into next weeks list!  Enjoy :-)