Monday, November 25, 2013

Homeschool Corner - December Plans

This week I just let me kids play.  On Monday they played with playdough from 9:00 am until 4:00 PM.  Seriously.  They got it back on on Tuesday and on Wednesday they just played all day.  Instead of focusing on class this week, I've been working on the beginning plans for December.  When I set up our school schedule this past summer, I plan to leave December "open" so that I could plan some fun things to do and I plan on sticking to that schedule.

1. Daily Books - I tried to do this a few years ago but my kids were just too young.  I tucked the books away and decided to try this again this year.  I picked out 15 (or maybe 16 HA) books that I want to read my kids throughout December.  Why 15?  I know that we will not read one every day so picking 24 books is just crazy.  If we can do 5 a week I'll be happy plus I like to read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve.  How does this work?  I will wrap each of the books.  Then each day that we are able, we'll pick out the next book, unwrap it and read it.  Yes, I will be putting them in a certain order that I want them read.  Once we read the book, we'll do a craft or have a special snack to go along with the story.  I'm really looking forward to this because my boys are really getting into reading books (well, being read too!)

2. Advent Study - I'm still up in the air between two studies.  Last year we started Truth in the Tinsel.
I was really impressed with the whole program which includes Scripture to read, crafts to do and more.  We did not finish it . . .why?  I got so unbelievably sick about 2 weeks before Christmas that I spent most of December and January on the couch.  Since we didn't complete the book I'm debating redoing it this year with the boys.  With that said, I also just came across a Free Gospel-Centered Advent ebook from Verge Network

I haven't read through it yet but it sounds pretty simple which is always good ;-)

3. Weekly Studies - I still want to incorporate some learning so I've scrounged Pinterest and my own personal documents that I've been saving as I find them and am pulling otu some Christmas related studies.  I think we are going to start with a unit on the Polar Express and, of course, end the week with watching the Movie.  My kids are NOT big movie watchers so it will take work to get them to watch it :-)

4.  Countdown!! - Last year we did our Grinch Countdown for the first time and I really enjoyed it. 
I'm looking forward to pulling this out, adding some little gifts to each pocket and counting down to Christmas with the Boys.  I'm hoping to watch the Grinch with the boys at the end of the countdown on Christmas Eve.  Again, we only got half way through our countdown last year due to illness so hopefully this year we will all stay healthy!!

That's the plan and I'm working on gathering supplies, little gifts, craft supplies and more over the next week and a half.