Thursday, March 26, 2015

Recap of March Goals

Yes, I know, it's only March 26th but I know what the next week looks like so I know what I will, and more realistically, won't get done!  I figured I would post this now so I can hit April goals next week right on time.
You might recall that I posted March's goals about half way through the month so that never bodes well for the plan!

1) The boys room was emptied out, cleaned, organized, and the bunk beds set up.  At the writing of this, I need to work on Lego Organization but I do have the bins for what I want to do - I just have to work on sorting everything.

1) I will be placing an order for a few school books for the 2015-2016 year at the end of the month. 
2) I have until April 10th to register the boys for T-Ball so that will get done around the end of the month as well.

1) The boys photos are hung in the dining room and the old ones are hung in the basement.
2) I pulled out the boys summer clothes and sorted everything.  Nate believes it is summer so he is now only wearing shorts and t-shirts unless I specifically tell him to put on pants.  Man, I love that kid HA!

1) We had a fun St Patrick's Day - more to come on that later
2) We had a great visit back to Metro Beach - pictures to come later
3) I'm now focusing on some Easter ideas which will be done by the end of March (Since Easter is the first Sunday in April!)

1) The March Budget plan is going well - we even had money set aside to fix the truck - not something in our plans at all!
2) This month I've consistently work on my piano music for about 30 minutes a day. 
3) Just One thing - I didn't accomplish as much as last month but I am making progress. 
4) Misc Items - I have personal goals - things only I know - I will admit, I will only accomplish my monthly goal in 1 of the 4.  Good thing April is a new month!

There is a simple recap. Sorry - no pictures this time because I didn't really do too much :-)