Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekly Menu - It's March Already!

I had much better success last week with remembering everything at the store.  Finally!  I'm continuing to work on getting the grocery bill lower.  I can say that since November, I've shaved about $100.00 off each month which means since November, I'm down about $300.00 in a month.  Now, if only grocery prices would drop, I could save more money :-/

Here's the plan:
Saturday - I list this as "Darryl Cooks" :-)  It gives me the freedom to not cook or I plan pizza if I see in the week ahead that we have many eating out days.  At this moment, I'm planning for Darryl to bring home dinner.

Sunday - This is the first day of our missions emphasis month and, since I'm on the missions committee, we get to stay and eat lunch with the missionaries.  I'm supplying rolls.  I know, exciting HA!  Then we'll have leftover Chili from last week for dinner. 

Monday - BBQ Stuffing Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and biscuits.

Tuesday - Applebees :-)  This is a new "tradition".  Kids eat for $0.99 so it makes for cheap eating.

Wednesday - Pancakes and sausage.  I may try a new pancake recipe just for kicks.

Thursday - Cook's Choice!  Braised Short Ribs over Cheesy Grits.  I'll serve a nice salad and some rolls to go along with this new recipe!

Friday - Do I even need to say?  Tacos!