Monday, March 2, 2015

Make It Monday - Snacks

One of the things I'm really working on lately is snacks.  Without a doubt mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and evening snacks can totally derail any healthy eating plan.  I've found some healthy, tasty snacks that are really helping me not miss ice cream :-)  (And not buying ice cream is always a plus too HA! )

1) Several weeks ago I picked up some pre-packaged snacks that contained meat, cheese and almonds.  I loved them but figured I could make them at home just as easy.  This past week I bought a smoked ham and used the for the meat but my favorite thing to do, as weird as it may be, is to marinade a sirloin steak in soy sauce and garlic then pan fry it, cut it into small pieces and use that in the with the cheese and almonds.  The steak (yes cold) is beyond tasty and I crave it!   The other bonus?  Josh absolutely loves this healthy snack too.  The nuts are not his favorite but he loves the little containers of meat and cheese.

2. Fruit filled Jello.  The first week, I used sugar free Strawberry Jello with strawberries which was good but then I tried raspberry jello using some of the frozen raspberries I put up last summer.  Talk about fabulous!  I add a little whipped cream and it is the perfect evening snack.  Josh is my Jello lover so I have also made him containers of Jello which he loves grabbing for a snack. 

3.  Some other snack ideas:  Vanilla Wafers - it's a nice sweet snack that doesn't carry a lot of "weight".  I take time each week to portion out things into bags like Vanilla Wafers, crackers to go with spinach dip, or anything else that needs to be divided up.  I also love hard boiled eggs with a little sweet mayo (think of egg salad but just dipping the egg in the mayo).  Another treat is yogurt with walnuts.