Saturday, July 23, 2016

Family Fun - Bowling Field Trip

 In January, we had the opportunity to go on a field trip with our online school group to a bowling alley in Grand Rapids.  It was a much anticipated event in our house as the boys had recently started playing Wii bowling and were positive they could bowl perfect games :-) 
 Darryl went with us and was able to help the boys with their throws. 
 They both actually caught on pretty quickly and really enjoyed the whole experience.

 They both had fantastic form :-)
 One of the neat things about this field trip was there was a bowling pro there who talked to the kids and helped them out too.  He bowled right next to us and several times, as he would get to his second shot, he would let Josh or Nate take the turn for him and he would work with them on their throw.  It was a great experience for them and created more excitement in them to want to bowl.

It was really a great trip and we look forward to bowling again!