Saturday, February 21, 2015

Family Fun - Valentine's Day

It might not seem like it but we've actually had some fun over the last few weeks; I just haven't taken many photos.  :-/  We had plans on a Wednesday to take the kids to the Pirate Museum but, due to an ice storm that moved in, we ended up not going anywhere.  We were able to go out recently on a Friday though and have a little fun.  I took the boys into town and we started at Hobby Lobby.  While I looked for a piece of artwork for my kitchen, they had fun looking at the "pirate" stuff and trying to find something that wasn't too expensive to buy (which they did).  We then went to the pet store.  I realized as we walked in that we have never taken them into Petsmart before.  Well, they loved it.  We probably spent 45 minutes in the store and all I needed was a bag of dog food.  We watched through the window as the dogs were groomed (there was even a young "Willow" .  .. my parents dog); then we looked forever at all of the fish as they boys dreamed up their fish tank; and we watched the dogs playing in the doggy day care room and picked out our favorite. After running a few more boring errands, we stopped at Baker Book House, a local Christian Bookstore.  They have a little play area with a train table that the boys enjoy.  Plus, I told them they could pick out a book.  Nate loved that idea and picked out 5.  Thankfully they were all $2.00 books :-)  We ended our adventure with meeting Darryl for dinner at a place called Pizza Ranch.  It's a Buffet that serves mostly pizza but also has some really great Fried Chicken along with a great salad bar.  The boys loved it and said they could eat there every single night :-) 

What I did take a few pictures of is our Valentine's Day!

 The table set for dinner.  On holidays, I love to use our good China.  Plus a tablecloth and some Valentine's Decorations.  For dinner I made homemade pizza for Darryl and I (and the boys favorite frozen versions), some antipasto salad, and homemade Strawberry Shortcake. 
 The boys made Valentine Cards for Darryl and gave them to him when he walked in the door from work. 

 Just before dinner, the boys found their Valentine's Treat Bags on their chairs.  This year we got them a small Lego set, some new playdough, and a new playdough toy they each wanted.  I've started to steer away from tons of candy because, well, my kids don't eat it.  Don't get me wrong, they like candy but once they have enjoyed it for a bit the day they get it, they forget about it and it ends up getting thrown away.  I just got them each a box of skittles (and for the record, neither boy finished their bos of skittles and they got thrown away HA!)

 The boys had fun watching Darryl open his gift.  I got him some Raisenets because he loves them and . . .a 10 pound hand weight.  Romantic, huh? LOL  He has said a few times he would like  a weight that he could use just sitting in the chair to build up his arms again.  I happened to see it on sale (and considering it was less than $10.00) so I got it.  Josh loved it too and wants his own weight to use.  (And yes, he can lift the 10 pounder but wow, he will drop it on someone's toes, I have no dought!).

Darryl also got us gifts - he got each of the boys a box of sweet tarts which he left in front of the TV when he left for work so they loved getting that surprise when they got up.  And he got me a fun card and a bag of M and M's :-)  Yum! 

We really had a nice day and focused on just loving each other like we do every day :-)