Sunday, July 8, 2018

Summer Plans week 6

Wow.  Week 6 of summer fun is done.  Which means we are hitting the half way point and that's just crazy.   One of the things I love about Facebook is the events.  So many ideas pop up on my Facebook feed that I can add to our "maybe" list and it gives me lots and lots of ideas to pull from in our plans.  Even as we come into July, I will still list what is on the original plan and then share what we actually did.

Sunday - There is a Christian organization called Worship on the Waterfront that brings in some pretty big artists for a Worship Concert on Lake Michigan.  Today it is an artist named Jordan Feliz who happens to be one of Nate's favorite singers. It was so crazy hot that we skipped going to the concert and we went swimming instead.  

Monday - Heading to Grand Rapids for a movie at the Christian Bookstore followed by a picnic at the park. Nope :-)  Instead we went to a friends house for the morning (because I had a meeting!) and for lunch.  Then, we went and got ice cream (one of the kids rewards from the library for reading!) followed by a stop at another friends house to visit their lemonade stand.  It was a great day!  Oh, and of course we went swimming too! 

Tuesday - Craft day (well, maybe HA!)  Making a cool Paper Plate Flower.  I'm sure we will also swim if the weather cooperates!  Our local Fireworks explode at Dusk tonight so I'm sure we will set off some of our own too.  Nope, no craft HA!  Instead, we took advantage of the hot, sunny afternoon and went swimming.  I had choir practice so the boys and Darryl set off smoke bombs while I was gone.  The boys and I then set off fireworks and watched our local fireworks after I got home.  (Darryl went to bed early since he has to get up at 3:00 for work!) 

Wednesday - Happy Fourth of July!  Today will just be relaxing.  Plus we are heading to my Choir Concert which is followed by Fireworks! We did just that - we relaxed.  Darryl had to work (which was our plan) so the boys and I treated ourselves to lunch out, followed by some swimming.  Then, my mom joined us and we all (Darryl included) headed to my choir concert.  Yes, it was super hot but it was an awesome night.  We ended the night with fireworks at home at 11:30 :-) 

Thursday - The Library Activity is a Movie (not my favorite - Sherlock Gnomes - I'll be taking a book!).  The plan is to swim in the afternoon. This went pretty close to plan except we swam in the evening instead. 

Friday - I actually have several things written down - another library we enjoy is showing a movie that we haven't seen - Coco - that we might go see; We haven't done any free bowling yet so maybe today; There is also a free day at Blanford Nature Center which is somewhere we have never been.  And, of course, there is swimming.  I'm leaving this open to pick based on the weather. Well, sometimes a busy week catches up with you and that is what happened today.  One, we had to make a Laundromat run so we did that in the morning.  It was a beautiful day, but breezy so we didn't swim.  Instead, I read a book all afternoon.  The kids played and watched TV.  After dinner, the boys spent the evening outside playing in the yard with friends. 

Saturday - Visiting Boulder Ridge Zoo.  No Zoo today.  I actually had zero desire to wander around the zoo.  Instead, it was the perfect day for the pool - 80 and not humid.  We swam for about an two hours and then enjoyed dinner with my mom at our house.  The boys decided to stay the night at Nana's - something they really enjoy doing with her so close by.