Wednesday, February 5, 2020

February Goals

I had planned to have my February Goals written before February started but here it is February 3rd and I'm just now writing them.  The good thing is a friend of mine just posted the annual "Frozen 15" - a yearly event where a group of my friends work together to encourage each other to finish a list of 15 tasks throughout February.  First, my list will be my overall general list (that will look similar to January) then I broke it down into some more specific tasks for the "Frozen 15". 

So, here we go!

1)Again, one of my yearly goes is to take fun photos with my kids before they get too big so my goal this month is to find a fun photo op!  We've had a pretty brown winter so it's been difficult to even do some awesome "snowstorm" photos! 

2) Scrapbooking - This will look similar to last month.  1) Clean off my desk and organize it for scrapbooking 2) Organize January and February photos in snapfish for all years not done 3) Go to a scrapbooking crop on February 29th!

3) Reading - My goal is to once again read 4 books!  1) The Printed Letter Bookshop 2) The Bright Season 3) The Boy in the Photo 4) The Power of a Positive Mom.  I'm still working on finding a book to support my goal word -Perfect Peace

4) Cleaning - Work through my February cleaning list.

5) Family - Valentine's day!  Make Valentine's Day fun for the whole family with our yearly traditions.  Darryl's birthday is also this month so I need to plan that as well

6)  Get Josh new dress pants.  I also need to find him new snowpants . .. unless we never get snow!

7) Pick out a piano song to practice and practice it.

8) Pick out a song to sing at a special service at the end of February and also my next special music.  Maybe something for Easter as well.

9) Finances - Stick to the February plan.

Now, here is my super specific "Frozen Fifteen" list:

1)  Find Josh a pair of dress pants that fit.
2) Clean my desk and make it "scrapbook" worthy.
3) Attend a scrapbooking crop on February 29th.
4.) Read four books
5) Plan and execute Valentine's Day for the family
6) Plan and execute Darryl's birthday weekend plans
7) Pick out a song to sing at a praise service on February 29th and practice it
8) Pick out a piano song and practice it until it's perfected.
9) Return/Exchange the last of the Christmas gifts
10) Upload and organize January photos to snapfish from all years not done
11) Upload and organize February photos to snapfish from all years not done
12) Replace the light bulb above the kitchen sink.
13)  Update my Holiday Journal through St. Patrick's Day (and read through St. Patrick's Day reminders to plan ahead)
14) Complete my "20 days of cleaning" checklist for February
15) Finish Nate's birthday calendar chart he got for Christmas.