Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekly Menu - The One with a Potluck

Yes, we had our turkey last week!  We won't have another one until Thanksgiving, most likely.  It was good - I made it Puerto Rican style and it was just about perfect!

This Sunday, we have a potluck at Church for the end of the missions conference.  Lets keep this real, pot luck dinners freak me out.  I cannot figure out  what to take most of the time.  I over think, over plan, over everything and then have a panic attack HA!  Well, this time I have to bring a main dish and either a side dish or dessert.  It's our "first" pot luck so I'm not really sure how this church does stuff so I want to bring stuff that doesn't need to be kept warm.  (Can you see my "freakishness" yet?)

Here's the plan for this week:
Friday - I'm going to a home party tonight so I kept it simple.  Spaghetti 4 ways.  See, we all eat it differently right now.  Nate eats his plain, Josh wants just some jar sauce on it, I eat it with my homemade sauce and Darryl eats his without sauce but with some mixed veggies, diced ham and a little butter.

Saturday - Mac and Cheese for the Kids; Ordering in for the Adults.

Sunday -  The "Dreaded" Potluck.  (hehehehe).  So, my main dish will be Ham Salad Sandwiches.  I just picked up some Hawaiian Rolls and deli Ham Salad and made some awesome sandwiches that were simple.  I debated between dessert and a side dish for quite awhile.  I finally decided on a dessert and made Boston Cream Cupcakes.  They look nice and actually look like they took extra effort to make but they are so easy.

Monday - We ended up not having Turkey Noodle Soup last week so I have put it on the menu for tonight.  Along with the boys favorite yeast rolls

Tuesday - I have a concert to go to tonight so Darryl and I will be passing ships.  I've hotdogs and chips to feed to the natives on the island of "Home" and I plan on doing a drivethru run as I head out of town.

Wednesday - I think it is time for breakfast for dinner.  So eggs, ham slices (for something different), hash browns, and toast.

Thursday - Chicken wings (since I have them to use up), mac and cheese (a potato for Darryl), and some sort of veggie from the pantry.

I'm really trying to use some of the last of the "winter" foods in the pantry/freezer.  By that I mean 1) Things that heat up the kitchen big time so therefore I won't cook them as it starts to warm up and 2)Things that are, well, at the end of their shelf life.  I also really should do some baking and put some stuff in the freezer.  My kitchen is so hot in the summer, it is hard to ever bake  . ..  .. we'll see if I actually do that though!