Sunday, April 13, 2014

Things my Kids Say

* Twenty minutes after lunch:
Nate: "Mom, I'm hungry"
Me:  But, Nate, you just ate like twenty minutes ago. It's not snack time
Nate: But it should be because a lot of minutes went by and I'm hungry.

How can I argue with that reasoning?  Actually, Nate must be growing because the kid won't stop eating; and two weeks ago, I couldn't get him to eat.

* Josh's dreams have come true.  Nate informed me the other day that, "When we are playing, mom, Josh is the boss of us".  Yep, Josh is finally the boss.

* Nate reminded me to get chips when I go to the store.  "Orange Chips, Mom".  So I asked him if he meant the long fluffy chips (Yes mom), you mean Cheeto's? (YES Mom!  those are the ones I like!)

* Nate asked one night why he had to take a bath so I said, "Well, because your feet are dirty, your hands are dirty, your face is dirty . . .", he interrrupted me and said, "And I peed in myself".  Darryl and I seriously laughed so hard we almost fell off our chairs.  Nate was like, "What?  I just got some on my hands." hahahahaha

* The favorite line right now?  "Well, that's how God Made me."  Which is great except they use it when they chew with mouth open, when they leave the sink running, when they wear their boots in the house . . .. uuugg!

* I like to say things like, "I think you are . . .. " and then let the boys fill in the blank.  Josh's favorite right now is "I think you are . .. SMART" HA  I love the self confidence.  Yes, he thinks he is smart and, well, I just agree.  ;-)