Sunday, January 5, 2014

Things My Kids Say

* This is the first year the boys have gotten into the Santa thing (thanks to all of the cartoons on Nick Jr and Disney HA) but, boy was it fun.  They talked about sneaking out of their room to see Santa on Christmas Eve.  Neither did but, Nate told me on Christmas morning that he thought he heard Santa come in the house and then he heard him say, "Ho, ho ho" so he knew he was here.

*The boys were also concerned  because Darryl happened to be sleeping in the living room on Christmas Eve night (due to his back injury).  They said Santa wouldn't come if he was in the Living Room - Darryl told them not to worry, he covered his head and his so Santa had no idea ;-)

* When the boys came out of their room on Christmas Morning, first I heard, "I don't think Santa Came . .", then they walked out and Nate exclaimed, "Look, Santa brought us two presents".  Now, here's the deal, I had wrapped all of the gifts and they were in my room - the boys saw them.  What they didn't see were two gifts that were in gift bags so they think Santa only brought those and I did the rest to help Santa out.  Next year, I will need to change how I wrap stuff :-)

* Josh informed us today (Thursday, Dec 26th)  that he wished he didn't have a butt so he didn't have to poop.  He doesn't like it and it stinks.  Darryl then explained why it is important why we poop so I foresee a book in our future  . . ."Everybody Poops" HA!

*Nate pulled a sweater out of his closet to put on - he told me he was sweating so he needed to wear a sweater to not swear any more.

* Josh put on a concert for us recently and informed us that we could not even "whisker" while he was playing his songs but when  he was done we could "whisker" as loud as we wanted.  Hehehe

* Words uttered at the table tonight:
Josh: mom, what is that delicious smell?
Nate: that smells icky, I want Doritos and ketchup please.
Josh: when will you eat real food Nate?
Nate: when I am 6.

*I gained some insightful information this past week.  When Nate poops, he likes for someone to stay in the bathroom with him as he has a fear of falling "in".  Anyway, one day, as I was standing there, he says, "Mom, that was a small one . . .on, and that one was bumpy."  Then he said, "Mom, the smooth ones mean my poop is clean; you'll see that I'm right when you wipe me." Guess what?  He's right HA!

*I find it interesting to hear my kids say new phrases.  The one that makes me giggle currently is when I hear Josh say to whomever, 'Oh, did I startle you?"  LOL  I know, I know, it is only funny to me.