Thursday, June 27, 2019

Summer Fun Week 4

How are we four weeks into summer?  I'm not quite sure.  It's been a beautiful summer - rainy - but beautiful.  Shoot, we hadn't even put the AC units in as of this past weekend and that was the latest that has ever happened!  Looking ahead, though, with upper 80 temps this coming week, I started putting them in on Monday.  It's hard to want to do anything if the house is hot and we are all sweating!  Anyway, here's what was planned and what we did this past week!

Thursday - The Library program and Theater Class. Both of these things happened just as planned :-) 

Friday - Swimming and then Nate wants to go see some classmates test for their black belts. We did both of these things.  

Saturday - Just a quiet day - swimming if the weather is nice otherwise just hanging at home. We enjoyed swimming - the pool was super busy but it was a perfect day to swim! 

Sunday - my mom and I are going to meet long time friends for lunch and VBS starts tonight This was an amazing thing - visiting with long time friends was just amazing and the boys enjoyed VBS.  

Monday - Nate has TKD testing tonight while Josh is going to VBS. This went just as planned. 

Tuesday - If the weather is nice, we are going to swim and then VBS in the evening. We actually met friends at the State campground beach and the kids played together there.  Then we went to VBS at night. 

Wednesday - Today is going to be "quiet" maybe swimming or maybe not.  VBS in the evening.  We did go swimming - it was a perfect day for it!  And, we brought one of the boys friends with us too.  Then, of course, VBS>