Saturday, September 6, 2014

Camping - Activities

In order to keep the boys entertained on our camping trip a few weeks ago, I scoured Pinterest and read blogs to find some fun things to do outside.

After setting up, going out to dinner, and finally getting a fire going the boys and I sat down to make a craft.  It was a simple lightening bug that I found over at Crafts for All Seasons.  I ended up having to do most of the work on these but the boys got to pick out their colors of pipe cleaners and how they wanted the wings taped on.  They also loved picking out the glow sticks to put inside.  A fun thing about this craft is that on Saturday night, they picked out new glow sticks to put inside so they got a lot of play time out of this little craft.

After eating breakfast on Saturday and cleaning up, the boys played with toys I had packed for them - I had shopped at the Dollar Store and the summer clearance over the course of a few weeks and was able to get things like Magnifying glasses, Army Guys and little toys and trucks for next to nothing ($1.00 each!) which made for lots of fun - we worked on a nature craft.  I found this idea in "passing" as I read through a ton of blogs and did not save the link (sorry!).  The boys rounded up some leaves and sticks to make their "Weird Animal".  They laid the items out on a sheet of contact paper and added as many eyes as they wanted.  Once they declared they were done, I covered the whole thing with another sheet of contact paper and cut it out.  The best part is that it tied into their VBS lessons this summer . . "Even if you are weird, Jesus loves you" LOL

I had mentioned in a previous camping post about Saturday evening and how it kinda started dragging.  We then went and had ice cream before coming back to camp for fun.
Well, I had seen on a few blogs to get Glow in the Dark bubbles.  I checked them out on Amazon and they were pricey plus the reviews weren't great.  Guess what I happened to find on clearance for $1.25 at Meijer?  Yep!  Glow in the Dark Bubbles!  I actually forgot I had them until I went digging through my craft bag Saturday evening.  I mixed the stuff up and it looks fabulous in the bottle.  The bubbles don't really glow that well in the dark night - you probably need a black light - but when they popped on anything they left behind glow in the dark goo :-)  We all had streaks and splatters on us so we laughed a lot!  We also got out more glow sticks and had fun with those too.  So, if you find the bubble mix for sale or really cheap - it is a fun thing to use :-)

When we told the boys we wouldn't be going to church on Sunday because we would be camping, Josh suggested we have our own service "Just like church".  So we did.  I took the boys Hymn Book that we sing out of most nights, our Storybook Bible and picked out a craft and we had "church" on Sunday.  The story had to do with the storm while the disciples were out on the boat so we made fish.  It was the perfect craft because it was simple and quick.  They still have their fish two weeks later and love them.

I had taken a bag full of things - quite a few we didn't use so I plan on putting those away for a future trip.