Thursday, November 21, 2013

Weekly Menu - The One With Thanksgiving and No Kids.

So, this week we don't have the boys - they are enjoying some fun time with Papa and Nana.  That means I really don't cook much :-)   The week ends with Thanksgiving and the plan, at this moment, is to go spend it with my family!

Friday - Day one without kids :-)  I plan on ordering a pizza and making sure my husband has whatever he wants to eat!

Saturday - I'm going shopping today!  I'll eat out for lunch and then I'm not sure about dinner - I was thinking of bringing home some chinese and figuring out what my husband can eat besides rice ;-)

Sunday - What if I say that I have no idea?  I was thinking of Trying a Pioneer Woman Fajita recipe but leaving some of the chicken unseasoned so Darryl can eat it on a tortilla. 

Monday - I'll get something out - probably Taco Bell.  I'll make Darryl whatever he wants :-)

Tuesday - Lets see, whatever I feel like HA!  Maybe I'll cook something we have on hand.  Again, without kids, I can plan things last minute!

Wednesday - Now our tradition is to have lasagna and garlic bread the night before Thanksgiving.  Something 100% NOT Thanksgiving.  I might be cruel and make a pan of it for me (especially since I love leftovers too!) and make some Darryl some plain pasta. 

Thursday - Thanksgiving Day!  I think we will be with my brother and his family and my parents unless my husband's health deems otherwise.  I do have a back up plan and can shop on Wednesday if needed ;-)

Wow, that's an easy week ;-)  The truth is, we'll eat whatever we feel like this week since we don't have kids; yes, I'm sure I'll eat out a few times and will probably cook a few times but no matter what, it will be easy!!

I have nothing extra planned - I really have a lot of tasks to get done so I don't want to spend time cooking!