Monday, April 8, 2019

Spring Break Recap

I always find it fun to recap from a goals post so here's our recap of spring break!

Spring Break officially starts on Friday, March 29th and the plan is to take the kids to the free movie - Hotel Transylvania 3.  This works because the movie starts at 10:00 so we need to leave home by 9:00.  This would normally be way to early for us but since our friends  by 7:30 - we are all up! HA!  That's really my only goal for this day. I will admit, I struggled with wanting to go . . for no reason other than I was tired HA!  But, I'm so glad we went!  The theater has awesome reclining seats so it's super comfortable.  The popcorn was amazing and the movie made me laugh out loud.  So it was a great kick off to spring break! 

The weekend is just our weekend.  I think we will hang out around home more than anything else.  Just relax and enjoy a break!  I'm hoping to set up a scrapbooking table so I can scrapbook all weekend On Saturday we went to Mooville Ice Cream and ate "All could you eat Sundays" for dinner.  For real Ha!  Yum!  Sunday was church and just relaxing 

Monday - Monday is my day for the house.  I have some goals.  1) 20-30 minutes in the basement 2) Clean the Master Bedroom.   For the kids, I have a small craft planned. Our day started with a trip to the Laundromat with breakfast from McDonald's.  (What? We need clean clothes!) Then we did the Dollar Tree challenge where the boys had $1.00 to find only one thing they wanted.  Once we got home, I decided that I really wanted to work in the Living Room/Dining Room this week.  The boys helped me empty some things that were on the floor and I then steam cleaned the carpet.  We ended with the night with Nate and I heading to TKD while Darryl and Josh stayed home. 

Tuesday - Kids Day - This is weather dependent.  If the weather is comfortable we will head to the park.  Today is also our Co-Op's "Sponser Day" at Mooville so we will go and get Ice Cream as well.  There is an activity at the library which we may do if the weather isn't nice. Today we headed to Mooville for lunch and ice cream.  It was a beautiful day so the kids were able to play outside on the playground with their friends from our Co-Op.  Once back home, I did some more work around the house. 

Wednesday - Another "me" day!  Oh, and the boys have dental appointments for cleaning Wednesday morning!   1) 20-30 Minutes in the basement 2) Clean the Kitchen and Stairs.  For the kids, I'll pick out some fun idea off of pinterest to do in the afternoon. The day started with a trip to the dentist (which neither boy was thrilled about HA!)  We then made a stop at Walmart so Josh could get flip flops and they each picked out their Easter shirt.  After lunch the boys and I headed to the park where my mom is going to be moving to so we could take photos of her home.  We ate dinner out and took our dog, Dash, on his first walk! 

Thursday - Kids Day - We may go see another free movie (Small Foot) or see what activities the Library has locally. Plans changed and we just hung out at home. It started because kids were complaining that they didn't get to "just stay home and not do school" HA!  In the end, though, Nate wasn't feeling great so we just hung out.  By 7:00 at night, Nate had spiked a fever and I ran him to the clinic where he tested positive for Influenza A.  We aren't planning much the rest of the weekend (actually we DID have plans but they have been postponed so we can keep germs at home!) 

Friday - The last "me" day  1) 20-30 Minutes in the basement 2) Clean the living room and playroom Our spring break ended much quieter then it started.  On Friday, we spent most of our day on the couch watching TV.  Nate was not feeling well at all :-(  Because of the True Flu we spent most of Saturday and Sunday at home too.  I guess sometimes it's just nice to just slow down.