Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Baker Book Club

I've really enjoyed reading some great books over the past few weeks.  Both books related to the Baker Book Club, my Book Club, and just fun reading!

First up, the Baker Book Club Books.

The Girl From the Train was a book originally written in a different language.  I had started it quite awhile ago but it did not hold my interest.  It takes place during World War II and has to do with a young Jewish girl orphaned but rescued and then adopted by a family in South Africa.  It was actually a really good book once I got through the more than confusing first few chapters.  I'm glad that I did actually go back and read it and it ended really, really well.

 This was last weeks read for the Baker Book Club.  The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck was a funny book that made me smile while I was reading it.  It would fit in the category of "Christian Fiction Romance" and the book is actually written about itself!  The main character in the story is a writer and, after becoming a Christian, wants to switch from writing her hot and steamy stories to writing a story that brings romance to the Christian world that is clean and fun.  She meets a new Pastor at her church and the story goes from there!  The challenge last week was to read a book by a new author to you and since I hadn't heard of this author it fit in perfectly!

 Bear Town was the book for our book club this month - we are meeting on Sunday to discuss it.  Let me tell you, this is by far one of the best books I've ever read.  It made me angry!  For real.  I was so mad as I read it and the story unfolded.  From the very first (short) first chapter, I wanted to jump to the end to find out what happened so I wouldn't be angry throughout the whole book but I forced myself to just read it.  It's the type of book that when I finished it, I wanted to reread it right away in order to see what I missed.  Now, this is not an easy read.  It is a hard read with really tough topics and some strong language.  But wow, it was amazingly written.

 These four books are all part of a series I cam across because the first book was free.  Then, the other books were all available on Kindle Unlimited as was one of the Baker Book House Books.  I decided to try Kindle Unlimited for free for one month to see if I can find enough books to read to justify the $9.99 fee each month.  I tried it once before and didn't love it.  Anyway, this series is an easy read but a great story.  One of the reasons I enjoy it is because the main character is a single woman who is about 40 years old and makes major changes in her life that bring her back home to help her family and rent a farm.  Because I was single until I was almost 30, I find books like this encouraging.  So often all books are written when the young woman finds the perfect spouse and lives happily ever after and it leaves out the single girls!  It doesn't mean that in the next book that doesn't come out until April she won't find someone but it does show that it's ok to do things on your own too. 
I just started this book yesterday.  It's a slow start but was free on Kindle Unlimited so I hope it picks up!  It was an Amazon Best Seller so I assume it will be good!

I'm trying to remember to save all of the books I read to my Pinterest Board so feel free to check it out!