Sunday, March 9, 2014

Things my kids say

* Nate hit his hand on the table and tried to pretend it didn't hurt because it wasn't bleeding.  Then he said, "But mom, it really does hurt and when you hit your hand and it hurts, it makes the bone bleed so my bone is bleeding but you just can't see and when my stomach hurts it doesn't bleed because there are no bones in my stomach but my hand hurts because my bone is still bleeding.".  . . .WHAT??? LOL!

* So, as I've mentioned before, my boys like to talk about poop when they, well poop.  Nate is the most descriptive, naturally.  Well, he was getting into the bath, scratched his butt (cheek, actually), and looked at his hand.  Me, thinking I was being funny, said "That's gross . .. hahaha".  To which Nate replied, "What?  There was poop stuck in my poop slide, that's all".  A Poop Slide?  For real? That kid.

* While going through our normal bedtime routine, Josh asked to have a conversation with me and picked the topic of camping.  We chatted for a while when Darryl asked what we were doing to which Josh replied, "We are having a conservation!"  This made us all laugh as Josh continued to try to pronounce it correctly until he finally said, "this is just a ridunculess conservation!"  Needless to say, we laughed even harder!

* Josh was looking for his lost slipper the other night and stated that it had "whiskapeared"  . . . To which I added, it must have whiskapeared while he was whiskering (whispering). Hahahahaha

* Nate got out of the bath one night but was upset because,"there is still a hair bug in my hair because there wasn't enough water on my hair so how will I get it out and what about the my body bugs, mom, they crawled down my body and hid in my belly button! ". Then he used his towel to scrub them off.  Seriously, he comes up with this stuff all on his own!