Saturday, October 12, 2019

Our Week in Photos #37

I know I missed last weeks post but it is because I didn't have any photos!  We had such a quiet week at home just doing school and such that I didn't take photos.

This week I did get some photos!

Our week actually started out quiet.  We hung around at home for the most part over the weekend and just enjoyed not having much to do.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were school focused. 

On Thursday we attended a field trip with our Co-Op to our local 911 dispatch office for their community days. 

 Michigan State Police had a driving simulator set up.  Josh and Nate both got to try out driving a car.  
 Can you see those people in that big truck?  That's Josh and Nate.  You don't realize how big the snow plow is until you stand next to it! 

Our community just took possession of this ladder truck a few months ago.  The ladder go 101 feet into the air.  It was pretty cool. 

On Friday, we had our Co-op and then had a great family visit! 

 The boys are really enjoying their classes this semester.  

My niece, Alicia and her husband, Alex along with their two boys came for a visit on Friday afternoon!  We all gathered at my mom's house and had a great visit. 

 It's fun seeing the boys hang out all together!  My great nephew is an adorable ham for sure! 
My mom with two of her great grand-kids and two of her grand-kids!