Saturday, June 24, 2017

Our week in photos (with a few words thrown in)

This is what we've been up to this past week

Father's Day!  I didn't take a single photo but we did celebrate Darryl with "whatever you want to do" day HA!  We went out to his favorite restaurant, then got ice cream and ended our day with a bike ride.


- We went to swimming lessons, followed by a trip to a local park in the afternoon before going grocery shopping.  The day ended with the last baseball game of the season.  Two major accomplishments today:  Nate learned how to swing on his own AND Josh hit the ball AND scored a run!


- More swimming lessons!  (Sorry for blurry phone photos but I didn't have my big camera!) When swimming lessons started Josh said "I will never jump off the diving board.  Ever".  Well, today he did!  I think it helped that Nate jumped first and he couldn't let his younger brother "win"!  The rest of Tuesday - we all crashed.  For real.  You know you've been running like crazy when both kids sleep past nine, again, and after lunch, everyone "retires" to a comfortable place and plays quietly on ipads, watches TV, or reads.  I had originally planned a trip to another park but between just needing to stay home and be lazy and some pretty heavy cloud cover, we just were . . .well, lazy!


 - More swimming today with more diving board fun today too!

 - We attended a Library Event - Stormy the Magician entertained the kids today and yes, the boys are sure they figured out most of his tricks HA!

- The highlight of our day was getting to see our very special nephew/cousin, Braedon.  We haven't seen him in about a year and a half and we have missed his dry sense of humor and sarcasm :-)  The boys have a slight hero worship of him and they had fun doing all kinds of exercise competitions with him after dinner.  

No photos today but we did some fun stuff: 
- Another day of swimming lessons
- Fun at Nana's pool - it hit 91 degrees today which was so odd since we've had beautifully cool weather for a week! 
- A family drive around town after dinner with Josh giving directions


- We went to the library to get the beads the kids had earned for reading this week.  They are making necklaces with beads - each bead equals reading time.  They are hoping to fill up those chains over the coming weeks! 
- We also spend time in the children's area of the library reading books, doing puzzles and playing with toys. 
- Nana's back in town so we enjoyed a nice dinner with her and just hung out at the house for awhile!