Saturday, September 19, 2015

Family Fun - Taking down the Pool

Last weekend it was time to take down the pool!  I figured the boys would have a little fun with it but I didn't realize how much fun they would have despite it being only about 60 degrees during the day. 

 They started by helping me unhook the pump/filter and watching the water pour out of the pool.  Watching is never as fun though so it wasn't long before they were in the pool.

 And eventually the shirts came off, the shoes came off, and they were running and splashing in the water. 

 There were my attempts of "hey boys, stand together and smile for me" . . .sure, whatever you say mom.  HA!
Once they had frozen their patooties off, they came inside to take a nice warm bath.  I walked into the bathroom and saw this!  Needless to say, I walked right back out and got my camera HA! 

We have loved our little pool but it was on its last leg with a hole somewhere in the ring.  We couldn't fill it as full as normal because of that ring and the boys are much taller than they were a year ago.  So, this pool is gone and we'll put up a bigger one next spring.  The boys love the water and a pool is such a great thing to have the yard during the summer.  :-)