Monday, November 10, 2014

Make it Monday - Doing some (Fake) Sewing.

I've mentioned before that both of my boys are in AWANA this year -Josh is in Sparks and Nate is in Cubbies.  This brings back memories for me as I was in Sparks when I was Josh's age.  It's kinda neat to have my kids doing the same thing that I did 150 years ago :-)

Each week we work on their verses and they enjoy learning them especially when they get their patches!  So this past week, I had the joy of putting their patches on their uniforms.

 So, first of all, I got out my sewing machine, I mean my needle and thread, ok, I got out my iron!!  (Which was very dusty and hardly used HA!)
 Then I sewed ironed on Nate's patches - he has a sash that he loves hates to wear over his Cubby shirt. 
 I then ironed on Josh's first patch (the green one under the "Sparks" logo) He is very, very proud of this vest. 
 That got me thinking about my old Sparks vest so I went digging for it SURE that my kids would be impressed with it.  They were not HA!  As I was ironing the patches on the boys sash/vest I thought about the fact that growing up my mom did not sew.  And by did not sew, I mean she never sewed anything. ever. ever. ever.  (Now, she makes heirloom quality quilts though so she obviously had a hidden talent!) So I wondered to myself how in the world she very got the patches on my uniform.
Look closely.  What do you see?  Apparently my mom DID sew a few things HA! 

Let me state now, I'm so thankful those patches can be ironed on . . .or Nana would need to do some sewing for her "boys" :-)