Thursday, April 14, 2011


I always say that I'm the most unlucky person ever but . . .well .. recently I won the giveaway hosted by Jen over at CraftomaniacWhat did I win??? A $25.00 gift certificate for Scensty Products from
Jennifer Moffat.  I've heard about this product for several years but, as of yet, haven't been to a party or even tried anything out.  One of the bonus' of this product is that there is no flame - it is a flameless candle.  People that have talked about Scentsy always talk about the smell and how fantastic they all smell.  Well I picked up the following flavors:
I've already used "Sharp Dressed Man" and it smells exactly like that - I have it in my bathroom and it is perfect.  It reminds me of . . .my husband!  It isn't too woodsy or anything like that but smells clean.  In my kitchen I have Hazelnut Latte - and it is incredible.  I love that smell!  I haven't tried Coconut Lemongrass as of yet but I'm sure it is going to be just as good!!

I picked up to different Scentsy units.  First, I picked up the full size unit which I have in the bathroom. 

I only had the online catalog to look at and I was very happy when I opened the box and found this item to be even prettier than it looked online.  They are easy to "assemble" and easy to use.  It is probably bigger than what I need for the bathroom but it was part of a really good deal :-) 

I also picked up a "plug-in" warmer as well.

This little cute thing is plugged into an outlet in my kitchen.  It is THE perfect item for the kitchen without a doubt.  I love that I can switch out the flavor so easily and it lasts as long, if not longer, than those little packets you slide into the store bought plug-ins.  The only thing I would say is that you want to place this somewhere where little fingers (or big knees) won't hit it since it has the melted wax on top. 

I'm extremely happy with this product though and I will be putting a small amount in the budget to be able to pick up some more melts to use. 

If you like what you see, make sure and check out Jennifer's website!  She was wonderful to work with and I got my product less than one week after I placed my order so all around customer service is awesome!

Our Favorite Toys - a biased Review

I normally post about our Mommy School time on Thursdays but . . we haven't done a whole lot lately.  My printer is dying so I can't anything that needs to be "nice" and we've played outside some instead.  So, instead, I thought I would share a few of our favorite toys. 

1) Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical Table - this was a toy that Josh received his first Christmas and it STILL gets use daily by both boys. The legs come off so even the tummy babies can enjoy it on the floor.  Once they are able to stand, it is great for the little ones to stand next to and play.  Each side has different sound effects making it very entertaining for all ages.  This toy is going on 2 full years of playtime with more in the future; it is a toy I would recommend anyone getting!  The little munchkin I babysit also LOVES this so I know it is a pretty universal toy :-)

2. Playskool Busy Basics Step Start Walk 'n Ride - This is a toy that we received as a shower gift and it has been another huge hit.  Josh didn't crawl until almost 10 months but, he would sit on this little car and ride it all over the place.  I had put it away once he was walking alot but took it back out for Nate.  Amazingly, Josh got right back on it and it is still one of his favorite toys.  Both boys love it and I can see it being a toy that is used for quite awhile longer.  I will say that we never used it as a "walker" - it seemed a little unstable and Josh kept tripping on it.  As a car, it is fantastic!
Playskool Busy Basics Step Start Walk 'n Ride -  Hasbro - Toys"R"Us
3) VTech Musical Bubbles Octopus - If you are looking for a bath toy - this is it!  It suctions to the bathroom wall and takes ordinary bubbles.  Turn the thing on and the bathtub fills with bubbles while the music plays.  Both of the boys love this thing!  One word of advice - make sure you put good batteries in it or the motor doesn't move enough to make bubbles.  (We thought it wasn't working well and THAN put new batteries in it - the bubbles came out in the zillions :-) )

Vtech Musical Bubbles Octopus -  Vtech - Toys"R"Us
4. B. Parum Pum Pum Drum - Yes, we love music.  This drum is fantastic and it comes with such adorable noise makers.  I love that the drum has a neck strap so the kids can carry it and play it at the same time.  There are enough instruments that the whole family can play together.

Product Image B. Parum Pum Pum Drum5. B. Meawsic Keyboard - Again, music is big in our home and this keyboard is just fun.  We got it for Josh to replace one I had picked up at a garage sale that had quit working.  This was the closest thing I could find and both boys absolutely love playing with it.  The little microphone is fun too :-)

6. The Sesame Street Letter Bus - This is a weird one to put on here because, really, this toy drove me nuts at first!!  BUT the reason I'm listing this here is because it will help teach your kids their letters and, well, it really is fun!

Do your kids have favorite toys?  I'm sure they do!  I could also list things like Thomas the Train, Matchbox cars, and car in general but . . .those are just normal :-)  . . .well, at least in this house full of boys!

Please note - these are my personal preferences; that's it.  No one is paying me to do this!! :-)