Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekly Menu

Yeah!  I'm "back" !  It was amazing how quickly a "sometimes not working power cord" became an "absolutely not working power cord"  BUT my new cord arrived Thursday, I plugged in and, BAM, my computer was back into working order!

We had a little craziness and boy, did I fry a lot this week too!  On Monday, I had to take Nate to the ER due to neck stiffness and swelling and a fever which are signs of something not so good so the doctor was a little concerned BUT instead he just continues to have the Strep virus that was attacking his Lymph nodes.  So, after that visit we ran through the drive through since it was almost 7:00 and we were starving!  As far as frying, I figured if I was going to pour a whole bottle of oil into a pan I was going to use it alot - we had (mediocre) Southwestern egg rolls, (Fantastic) Chinese Pork Egg Rolls, and (not so good) hush puppies that were supposed to taste like the ones from Long John Silvers but tasted like . . .nothing.  The oil is gone now and I don't plan to fry anything for awhile :-)

Oh I also took three kids to the grocery store on Monday morning. Wow.  I was tired HA!  It was nice to not go at night but, wow, three kids and a full cart is a lot of work! 

This weeks plan is as follows:

Saturday - Normally, if Darryl works on Saturday (which he is) I like him to bring home dinner BUT we are going to go out tomorrow so I need to cook!  So I'm going to try something called Salsberry Steak Meatballs along with Egg Noodles, Veggies and Biscuits. 

Sunday - Today we are attending a church where the group Darryl has played in for years is playing; he had to take a sabbatical for the past year but is going to start going back.  We thought it was be fun to go hear the group and see all of our friends! After church, we'll head out to dinner.

Monday - Breakfast Pizza, Roasted Veggies, and Cherry Fluff Stuff (Waffles for the boys because that is what they love)

Tuesday - I have a Missions Meeting tonight so we'll be passing ships . . .on a night like this, Hot Dogs and Fries are the best option.

Wednesday -Waffles, Sausage and . . I might have a BLT.  :-) 

Thursday - Ham, Potoates and Beans in the crockpot, Rolls

Friday   - Tacos!