Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Fun - Week 3

Welcome back to week 3 of our summer fun activities.  To check out the previous weeks activities just click HERE.

This week was a little more difficult because the heat changed some of our plans but I can honestly say we did something special every single day :-)

Monday:  I found this idea from AlphaMom on Pinterest and knew I wanted to try this idea.  So on Monday, I showed the boys how to color hard on Sandpaper and they created their colorful pictures.  Then I followed the super easy instructions for ironing onto the shirt.  This was so simple and it transferred without a problem.  I am THRILLED with their shirts (I wrote their names, and yes, the "N" in Nate is backwards - you have to write the names on the sandpaper backwards so they transfer correctly and I was sure I had them both right!).  This idea is going in my repeat file - I want to make these every summer and then save them to see how their drawings change :-)

Tuesday:  This was haircut day.  Now, my kids do just get a little snip and they are done - they become "rock stars".  Our stylist is fantastic - she treats them like little men just chattin' away and then lets them pick out the color of gel they want for their hair before styling it up in an awesome due.  The boys LOVE to go get haircuts all because of Kylie!

Wednesday:  So, this was supposed to be the first Library Activity but I made a decision to skip it.  I didn't really feel like loading three boys up in a hot truck on a 95+ degree day to go to some place that did not have a/c (our local armory).  Instead, we had a ton of fun in the pool (Oh, and the mud first thing in the morning!)  :-)

Thursday:  I thought I was going to have to say I skipped today but, the weather actually helped me out.  It started raining Thursday afternoon - the great soft, warm rain that kids love to play in so out they went and they had so much fun running in the rain :-) 

Friday:  The fun today?  Nana!  My mom came over to watch the kids while I went scrapbooking all day and, in the end, she took my boys home with her :-) 

Next week will be a short week since the kids won't be back until Wednesday but I will have activities planned for both Thursday and Friday :-)