Monday, July 27, 2015

Make It Monday - A Wrap Station

I have a love/hate relationship with gift wrapping.  I have tried various ways to have a "gift wrap" station but through the years have learned that the one place I wrap gifts is in our bedroom.  We have a high bed that is the perfect height for wrapping plus it gives me plenty of room.  I came across this great idea on pinterest from A Casarella and actually had the supplies I needed to create it.

This was my old storage idea:
This actually has worked well - it's just a laundry basket that I kept in the basement and it held all of the gift bags, ribbons, bows and tissue paper.  It just wasn't convenient. Plus, I really needed the basket to use to put Josh's stuffed animals in so they weren't always strewn all over his bedroom floor. :-)

This is the new idea:
The whole cart idea is awesome.  The top drawer holds wrapping supplies like scissors and tape.  Drawer two holds tissue paper; drawer three is ribbons, bows and tags and the bottom drawer holds gift bags. This cart rolls nicely into my closet for perfect, easy storage.  I had already stored wrapping paper in the bedroom behind a nightstand where it fit perfectly so this just completes the whole concept.

A note on gift bags.  Years ago, gift bags cost so much money so we all saved them forever.  Shoot, I had gift bags that were from our wedding 14 years ago!  Now, though, gift bags can be purchased at the Dollar Store for, well, $1.00.  I kept the really big ones and a few really cute ones but otherwise, I plan on keeping my gift bag collection to a minimum.