Saturday, June 6, 2015

Family Fun - My Birthday!

Sorry for missing pretty much all of last week - we had busy evenings so I never got a chance to sit down and type anything up! 

I'm a little behind on our Family Fun Posts :-)  This goes back to April 25th, when we celebrated my birthday.  This year, I decided I wanted to celebrate it and do some fun things as a family.  The boys are getting older and really enjoy the whole birthday fun. 

We started our day but heading out for breakfast.  We opted for a simple breakfast choice instead of one of the little breakfast cafes because, well, we were starving HA!  We ate a great breakfast at Bob Evans.  From there, we drove to Kalamazoo to the Air Zoo.  This is a place we've heard a lot about and boys seemed to be the perfect age for the rides. 

 We started out on the rides.  This Hot Balloon Ferris Wheel was super cute.  Darryl rode it the first time with the boys and it was hilarious to see him fold himself into the little car.  The other times, the boys rode it by themselves.  That was one of the great things about the Air Zoo - the boys were able to ride everything by themselves and have a blast doing it.
 A great airplane that they could make go up and down with the wheel.  The first time they rode together but the second time, Nate picked his own plane.
 This was a small version of the Demon Drop (Cedar Point) and the boys screamed and laughed and screamed again.  They rode this several times . . but the last time, Nate turned a little green around the gills and I was a little afraid he was going to hurl :-/ 
 My Boys.  After riding the rides, we wondered through the rest of the museum which, really, wasn't that exciting.  It would be if you LOVED planes and space but other than being very impressed with the size of some of the planes and getting to see an Air Force plane and talking to the boys about their cousin joining the Air Force, it was just a bunch of . . planes :-)

Once we left the museum, we went to see a movie. We had seen the movie advertized about the Monkeys (it was out for earth day) and it looked funny and cute.  It was, but it wasn't overly exciting.  At least the pocorn was awesome! From there, we headed to dinner.  Now, since this was my birthday dinner, I had researched, read reviews and searched some more for the perfect restaurant.  I found it . . or so I thought.  We got there and they had no tables - they were all reserved due to prom.  Then, the girl said, "Well, you can have a table by the bar but you have to leave in 45 minutes because it is reserved.  Well, we left.  We drove down the highway and got off at a busy road but still struggled to find anything until we stopped at a big BBQ place.  It was really busy and seemed to be well liked - it was awful. Darryl sent his food back because it was ice cold.  My steak was like leather and the kids food was cold.  So much for a great birthday dinner HA!

Really, we had a lot of fun, laughed a lot and just enjoyed being together.  On Monday, my actual birthday, my boys took me out to Cancun, my favorite Mexican place to make up for dinner on Saturday.  :-)  Plus the boys got me some awesome gifts so it was really a great day!