Saturday, July 8, 2017

Our Week in Photos #3

 Our week was filled with trips, family fun, holidays, swimming, library fun and fireworks!

We started our week with a trip to Ohio for a family get together.  The boys absoluly love family so get togethers like this are precious especially since we see many of these family members only once or twice a year.

Before returning back home, we stopped by my dad's spot (as I call it).  We always stop when we are in town so that we can make sure his stone is clean.  The boys also like to water the flowers.  It is Nate's ministry to water all of the flowers in the surrounding area.  It's such a little thing but yet it brings a lot of joy to the boys to do something like this.
 The boys love swimming in the lake
 We had fun being part of the boat parade

 The boys worked on their Kayak skills

We spent the evening of July 3rd at my in-laws where the boys got to swim, ride the boat, play with fireworks and we ended the night back on the boat watching some fireworks over the lake.

July 4th, we spent the day at home and then at the campground.  We enjoyed a few hours in the pool and then had a cookout at my mom's camper.  Of course, I had to get photos of Molly too!

 The boys were the first to arrive so they got to help set-up all of the cups

Wednesday was full of fun!  We attended another Library event - this one brought the fun of stacking cups.  The leader had cups for all of the kids and they got to stack them and then work as teams to build a variety of buildings like a castle, a pyarmid and more.  Later, we went to town and the boys got to FINALLY get a Fidget Spinner.  Not just one either.  They picked out three each.  It made up for them thinking they were the only kids in the world without one ;-)

The rest of our week included swimming, a trip to the library and . .. . more swimming!!!