Saturday, July 15, 2017

Our Week in Photos Week #4

Saturday - We took a day off ;-)  For real.  We've been running like crazy doing just tons of fun things so on Saturday, the boys and I hung around in our PJ's most of the day.  Now, truth be told, we had family photos schedule for Saturday evening so we just hung out and tried not to be sweaty HA!

 Josh loves it when "Itty Bitty" (aka Harley) sits with him so this made his day. 
 Love that sweet face. 
A photo of the photographer :-) 

Sunday - Church, some time at the pool, VBS, and then an all out nerf battle.  

Monday - We had a bonus day as Darryl took Monday off for a Dentist appointment and the two I babysit had the day off.  We saw another free movie and then day 2 of VBS! 
 The free movie is great because it is free.  We just had to look past the hot theatre (they didn't turn the air on), the preview that had a swear word in it, and the really loud kids talking throughout the movie (what, it was free - everyone came out of the woodwork and in Ionia, that can be a little . . .scary HA!) 
 The boys are enjoying VBS - look at the T-shirts!!  The theme is Camp Out - Get S'more of Jesus!
The craft they made at VBS

Tuesday - A trip to our favorite Christian Bookstore -Baker's Books for a fun time hanging out with the Kentwood Fire and Police departments followed by some fun at a local park. 

 Ok, this motorcycle cop was the best police officer ever.  He was kind, interested in the questions that the kids asked and just an all around good guy.  He was a favorite of both boys!  The best question from one of my kids?  "How fast have you ever gone on your bike?" . . the answer? 120 MPH!  Geesh! 
 After sweating to death outside, we came back inside the book store to relax in the cool air while the boys played trains.  I love this book store and could spend every day in there!

After we were done at Bakers, we went to Meijer (which was an adventure because it is so much bigger than our Meijer!) to pick out food for lunch for a picnic.  We ate our picnic at a local park that also has this great fountain that the kids love to play in!  So much fun on a very hot and humid day!

Wednesday - We had a day at home thanks to some pretty big storms that rolled through for most of the day but we did end the day with the last night of VBS which was "Parent Night".  

 The boys always love signing the VBS songs with motions.
 My crazy kids
The boys got a certificate and bookmarks for saying their verses
 The kids had made blankets throughout the week and then presented them to the local fire department.

My future fireman :-)  Nate loved putting on the fire suits.  Josh had zero interest :-) (It was really hot out!)

Our week ended quietly.  Lots of playing inside thanks to storms and super humidity.