Sunday, September 28, 2014

Things my kids say

* Recently, when the boys were at my parents, Josh told Nana that he and Nate were now married.  She asked him what that meant and he said that it just meant that they can live together now.  Where do they get this stuff?

* Again, my mom was talking to the boys and told them that Darryl was going back to work.  Josh was all excited because "Now that Dad is going back to work we can buy stuff again."  Out of the mouth of babes . . .I've been going through shopping withdrawal!. 

* The other day I heard a drawer full of legos hit the bedroom floor followed by, "I didn't expect that happen!" (said by Nate)  The good news is that the boys then played for hours with all of the Legos!

* If you know the tune to Jesus Loves Me, sing it to these words. "Jesus Loves me and I know, God still sees us all the time, Nation wide is on your side and the cat is running fast.  Give me a zinger in this game so I can beat dad once again and God does good things even when I still ask why."  LOLOL  Those are just random things Josh has been signing to that tune ALL DAY LONG!!! (At one point he asked me if I liked his singing and of course, I said yes!)

* One of the things Josh told me when they came home this week was that he told Papa and Nana that he would always obey and would stop asking me "WHY" when I told him to do something.  Well, on Thursday of this past week I asked him to do something and said, "Why?".  Nate (also known as the Holy Spirit a times to all of us . . .. hehehehe) pipes up with, "Josh you told Pap and Nana you would not ask mom Why anymore."  Do you know what Josh did?  He got a piece of paper and made a "No Why" sign - he wrote the word "Why" on the paper and then put a circle with a line through it over top of the word.  He said he would carry it with him so he wouldn't forget :-)