Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hand towels

Really, Hand towels?  Yes!  I had a brainstorm recently have repeatidly trying to get the kids to use a hand towel by the sink to dry their hands and wipe their dirty face rather than using MY towel that was hanging up.  Well, after seeing one more "pizza face" wiped clean on the towel I use after my shower I knew I had to change something!

This was a very simple idea with just some hand towels and ribbon. 

 All I did was sew a small pocket along the short end of the hand towel and insert a ribbon.  I then sewed the end of the ribbon together to try and make it stronger for little hands pulling on it. 
 That's it!  I made two so I always have one to hang up when I wash the other.  I went with black because it would hide stains :-) Between the towel and the ribbon this project cost about $3.50 a towel to make!