Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Unexpected Piece of News

I think we often walk along in our daily lives, planning, dreaming, and living each day the way we think it is meant to play out and than, something happens.  (To think, my original post for tonight was on planning for 2011 - I'll save that for another day). Something unexpected; something not wanted; something that makes us hurt, angry, question many things, and wonder what God is trying to teach us.  Sometimes, I want to stomp my foot and say "God, I don't need to learn anything else, leave my family alone!" But that isn't how He works, is it?   I would like to share a prayer request with my blog readers, something close to my heart because it impacts my very dear family
This is my brother Jeff and his wife Nora.  In other posts I've talked about Jeff - he is the middle of the three boys. Nora is one of the nicest people you could ever meet.  She is funny, kind, very caring and a fantastic home decorator.  I go to her home and it always looks like a million dollars (but I know she creates it all for hardly a dime).  Over the past few months she has undergone various testing and, I think I'll just quote my brother's post from his facebook page . ..
We are "asking for prayer for my best friend and wife of 23 years as she begins her battle with cancer. After a lot of testing that finished with a chest CT scan last night, the doctor spoke to both of us to let us know that she has lung cancer (in spite of the fact that she has never smoked.)"
I know that both Jeff and Nora are trusting God fully right now and will walk this journey each  with a strong testimony to share with those around them.  Yet it is still something so difficult to hear - and when it is your own family, your whole body hurts for those you love so dearly.
So, faithful blog readers, I ask you to add Jeff, Nora and their two children, Brittany and Brandon, to your prayer list and pray for them daily.  Pray for strength, wisdom and understanding.  Pray for wisdom on behalf of the doctors. Pray for complete healing.  And maybe you feel a burden to help them or encourage them - feel free to contact me for information on how to contact them. 
Thank you.