Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Too Cute Not To Toot!

First up this week are some Mother's Day Ideas.  Yes, I know, Mother's Day is done and gone but, these all come up at the end of the week so I thought I would share anyway.  There are other days you can use these gifts for like Birthdays and Christmas and they don't have to be just for mothers - you could also use them for friends, new moms, brides - to - be, or sister (in-laws too).  Or, just save them for next year!

I've seen tin can treats done for other things and never could figure it out (obviously there were no tutorials on the others I saw!) but Our Best Bites gives all the info you need to make this adorably cute gift idea.
Here is a printable coupon book from Tip Junkie that you can also personalize with photos if you chose the correct template. (I just noticed that there were several options available - you chose what you want to do!)
I found an idea for a Shrinky Dink Bracelet from two different sources; two totally different looks so I want to share (Do you remember doing Shrinky Dinks?  They were so much fun!)  First up is, At Second Street
And also at Stories by Me
Craftomaniac created this really adorable "Favorite Things" basket.  If you know someone who has to spend any time in the hospital - this would also make a great gift idea as well - my cousins did something similar for me when I was in for 6 weeks with Josh.  They brought me a bag full of sample perfumes, chapstick, candy, gum, Bath and Body Works stuff and tons of magazines!

Here's a great "simple" garden idea from The Dragons Fairytail  I'm not into tilling up the ground and putting in anything huge - this would take up very little space especially if you only want to grow lettuce :-)  (And it would keep the rabbits out!)

I love these letters from Artsy Fartsy Mama.  I just started a letter series with Josh (we are still on A) and I think these would be really great to use with the lessons.  I think I even have fabric downstairs AND I bet my mom has some quilt batting I could steal borrow when I see her this weekend (she probably has some scrap fabric I could also steal borrow so I wouldn't have to spend any money on this project for awhile! HINT HINT mom! hahaha)
I think that is where I'll stop for now - blogger is giving me a few fits tonight and I have lost a few more items I had posted this week - I'll try again later this week and add them in for next week :-)  I like this time of year because I'm seeing lots of "general" ideas instead of just holiday ideas! 

Enjoy your week :-)

Crafty, Crafty

Are you ready for this?  I finally had a chance to do a craft!  It wasn't even for me :-)  I wanted to make something special for the mom of the munchkin that I babysit for so I went through my Too Cute Not to Toot posts and came across this idea:

Clean and Scentsible

Handprint and Footprint Art
So, here is my version!

 First, I tried doing the handprints on the actual paper I had cut out to fit the frame but, that was not a good idea :-)  So I got a large piece of scrapbook paper and just did a few handprints until I got the two I wanted. (one of each hand, of course).  Then, I just cut them out as close as possible around the actual print. 
Using some very cute paper (of course)  and some awesome Creative Memories letters, I put together the piece of artwork. 

The final piece of art!  I picked up an 8x8 frame (for something different) at Wal-mart for just a few dollars.  I was very happy with the result, if I say so myself (and his mom got teary-eyed so I know it was good!)  I did go back and add his name just below one of the handprints after I took this photo as well as the date. 

One of the great things about crafts is that you can make them your own - you don't have to do an idea exactly.  I thought about doing this on canvas but was a little worried about sticker letters actually adhering to a canvas and staying long term - I felt the frame was a better option plus, for someone that is a scrapbooker, this would also fit into a scrapbook album down the road.  

And I just say, going back through those "too cute" posts makes me want to make so many things!!  I have a few things that I really want to get done this summer that are about the boys (a growth chart!) so . .. more crafts to come?? Hopefully!