Saturday, December 18, 2010

Life On Purpose

At the beginning of December, I attended something called a Mini-Solutions Social.  Basically, it is a time where a bunch of people get together and learn and discuss Solutions to a common "problem".  In this case, the "problem" was planning your Life On Purpose through goals for 2011.  This was lead by a friend of mine who is also my Director for Creative Memories.  She and her sisters have done this together for years taught by their own mother who is extremely organized.  Barb gave us tons of handouts that I want to share with you too.  I think the easiest thing will be to share one or two documents at a time over the next few weeks.  By sharing this, I think it will help some of you AND it will help me complete some of the things I need to get done as well.  In some cases I'll share both a blank document as well as my "in the works" document so you can see an example but other times, I will just share the blank document. 

The first thing that you need to fill out is something called the "Life on Purpose" list.  This list asks a bunch of questions for you to answer by listing things you want to do this year in your home, in your personal life, with your sweetie, with your kids, ect.  I would suggest that you first just read through the questions and brainstorm ideas quickly.  Write down what comes to your mind, when you have nothing else, move to the next one.  Than, ask a friend, a spouse, your kids, for ideas to fill in the other blanks.  I keep writing things down as more things pop into my mind.  This brings us to the second document I will share.  It is called "Fifty Great Days"  and is something you actually fill out together as a family.  Ask everyone to contribute ideas from things to do, places to go, things to eat, etc.  Both of these documents are going to help you plan the next year based on things that you and your family want to accomplish; it will help you to eliminate the things that are not important and help you realize what you can REALLY do in the next 12 months.

So, feel free to print these documents and fill them out.  Within the next few days, I'll post the next two documents to help you plan your year!

Life On Purpose List

50 Great Days Document