Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March Goals

Well, it is March.  The days are longer and we are actually seeing some sunshine.  I will admit, again I think, that we hibernated this winter.  Besides it being cold and snowy, which I love, only having one car kinda limits what one can do!  Even on the days Darryl was home, he was home because of snow storm OR he had a day off and we got a snow storm!  Well, we are still one car-ed but at least the weather is cooperating a little more so that hopefully we can get out of the house more.  With all of that said, I made great plans for the February goals.  I even made an awesome (if I say so myself) calendar with goals written for each day.  That lasted for about five days HA!  As March is now here. . . . Well, almost half over as I just realized . . . . I do have some plans.

1.  The living room.  We are making big changed to,our living room.  I'll share the palan a little later . . . But phase one happens this week!
2.  Scrapbooking.  A few weeks ago Darryl asked me what I really wanted in order to make the house. Ore comfortable for me since I'm here pretty much 24/7.  Yes, I have a short, realistic list but one of those things is a place to scrapbook.  So, this month I'm creating that space.  More to come later!
3.  Scrapbooking part two.  I need to organize my projects and write everything down with plans to accomplish those items.  I have lost focus due to losing "my company" for all of my supplies.  
4. Date.  First, Darryl and I need our day out.  Second, I need my day out.  I gave it up more than willingly last month so we could go to the lake but, I'm hoping to make it happen this month!
5 Finances.  Do you ever feel nickel and dimed to death? And then you discover that you are the one guilty of spending all of those nickles and dimes!!!!!  I need to budget, budget, budget and rein in the money wagon to keep it parked in the "garage". 
6. Summer Planning. Last summer, I tried to do one activity a day (or so) with the boys just for fun.  That worked until it became hotter than hades but I'd still like to work on those plans now.  One of the keys is to have stuff on hand and ready to go otherwise, it doesn't happen.
7. Holiday Planning:  St Patrick's Day and Easter - need to plan a few fun things.  The boys keep asking about finding Eggs on the 17th (St. Patrick's Day) . . .they are so confused HA!
8. Cleaning/Organizing.  I've started going through the kitchen cabinets one at a time and cleaning them, rearranging the shelving (now there's an idea!) and cleaning out stuff.  I'd like to finish that this month.  Also, I have some work in the basement to do.  I usually do it in January to clean up after Christmas but, our basement was pretty much freezing (seriously - we put a thermometer down there and it stayed around 32 degrees all winter. )  If I can get that done this month, that would be good.  (If not, I'll do it in April HA!)

I think that's enough to focus on for this month.