Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Marking things off that List

I've been able to cross a few things off of my Craft/Pinterest/Goal list finally and thought I would share!

First up, I finally ordered this awesome toothbrush holder from Perfect Darlings Etsy shop.

The packaging was super cute and showed the care the shop owner takes in her product and the actual product is flawless.  I look forward to using them as we camp and travel this summer.

Second,  I also finally order this wall decal from VG Wall Decals.  The turn around time was so fast (I had it two days after I ordered) and the quality was some of the best I have ordered - it went up so easy.  I already have quite a few other sayings saved in my favorites to order.  Also, the price was great too - very affordable compared to other places I've checked out.

Third, guess what finally got hung last week?  Yep!  My coat rack.  I've had it since March and finally remembered to have Darryl hang it up for me last Thursday.
Fourth, I finally emptied my store bought soap bottle and use this post from The Frugal Girls to make foaming baby soap. 
This soap is fantastic.  It works perfectly and I love that my kids won't have "tears" anymore when they get it in their eyes or lick it off their fingers.  I would like to get a prettier bottle though!

Finally, I finished up my birthday reminder board that I shared on a Pinterest goal list from Eighteen 25.  This was a pretty simple project since I had everything on hand to make it.

Very simply, I printed the pages from Eighteen 25 on white cardstock, trimmed some scrapbook paper and used adhesive to attach it to the bottom of each page.  The clipboard I had on hand and spray painted it green and then added ribbon to the clip (left over from my last wreath).  I really love it and it hangs next to my calender so I can see quickly who has a birthday coming up.

One last thing - I've added more letters to my ABC wall - here is an updated photo!  The plan is to get letters H-L and complete them over Memorial Day weekend :-)

I do have a few other crafts I'm hoping to get done over the weekend - my new wreath with flip flops, some boo boo bunnies, and the first page in the boys quiet books.