Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekly Menu

We stuck pretty close to our plan last week - granted, it was an "easy" week.  We did not eat out on Saturday though, and, when I made the soup and salad on Saturday to eat on Sunday, well it tasted and smelled so good that we ate it on Saturday night instead :-)  Then on Sunday, I just made Pancakes and Sausage after church and we had leftover soup and rolls for dinner.  Also, instead of making the hashbrown casserole to go with the pork chops, I had a half block of Velvetta left from making the soup so I made "homemade" Mac and Cheese and served it with Applesauce.

We have another busy week coming up - April always seems busy, I think because it is starting to feel like spring so we do more things instead of sticking around home.

Thursday - It is grocery store day and I really hate cooking after going to the store.  So, to keep it easy, We will have Spaghetti and Garlic Bread.

Friday - Darryl has the weekend off so we like to have an at home date.  The kids will have . .. something they love (Spaghetti again?  They LOVE it!) and we'll order in.

Saturday  and Sunday - We'll be celebrating my Dad's 70th birthday with the family so we'll be eating with them.  A big Steak cookout is planned for Saturday and I'm not sure what we are doing on Sunday - I'm sure my mom will plan dinner.  I'm going to taking food for the cookout.  I plan on making that Marinated Cherry Tomato Salad (I'll have to take a photo so I can post it - a great summer salad!), Baked Beans (I think), and maybe that Lime Jell-O Salad.

Monday - I'm enjoying one last "kidless" break before I start babysitting again so my kids are staying with my parents for a few days.  Tonight my husband is going to bring up some Popeye's Chicken for us - he has been telling me about it forever but the only location is in . . .well, not a nice area.  I'll have mashed potatoes, gravy on hand and I think he is also going to bring home some coleslaw.

Tuesday  - The last time the kids were gone, we were going to grill steaks but, well, it was snowing.  Let's try again!  Tonight we'll grill steaks, and have sweet potatoes and garlic bread.  OH, and I get to scrapbook all day (which is part of the reason the kids are staying at my parents!) I'm so excited - Barb feeds us so well doing the day :-)

Wednesday - We are going out to dinner :-)  We always have to do that at least once when the kids are gone :-)

Thursday - I usually save Thursday for the next week's post but, we are picking the kids up today and I won't be shopping until Friday - I'm sure we will just get Taco Bell or McDonald's for dinner today :-)

I'm not really planning to do any baking this week since we'll be gone and kidless.  If we get a treat, we like to run up to McDonald's for Frappe's or order Milkshakes to go from Big Boy.  :-)

I think I might actually have to start cooking again next week . . .things slow down a little until June :-)