Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Few of My Favorites

Here are a few blog posts that I found this week that encouraged me, stepped on my toes, or just made me smile.

1) The Year of Less - If you remember, my theme word last year was Simplify.  For as much as I cut out, I realize I could do more.  This post gives some simple reasons why we should live for less (And if you check  out the blog, she has other great posts too! )

2) shared an awesome post called 10 Great ways to be an unhappy mom. Wow, nailed that one right on the head!!

3) I Heart Organizing - A great post about . . .how to organize Lego's HA!  We are now the proud owner of our first Lego's and I want a plan in place now.  I love the Trofast system and, guess what? It is SOOO affordable. I actually want to get two systems - one to house all of their cars and trucks and then one to sort Lego's in.

4) The Sullengers - This is my inspiration blog - the whole reason I started blogging.  Ashley posted a great post about dealing with Denial.  She also gives some good insight on how to help others that are grieving and are IN that denial stage of grief.

5) Everyday Atchleys - Are you looking for a good laugh??  Read this post. The blog author makes me laugh 9 times out of 10 blog posts.  I wish she and I lived next door because we would be fast friends!

6) 31 Days to Impress your Kids - I just did a quick look at this one and it struck me as something that could be good.  I need to go back through and read it completely now though :-)