Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Teaching Tuesday - A Field Trip

We had a very simple, quiet week this past week as far as school work.  Nate is working on a lot of review and Josh is is at the very tail end of his handwriting and money books.  Plus both boys have finished their AWANA books so we are just doing review.  We ended up with a "unexpected" day this week where it was just the boys and I so I put together a very simple, fun "field trip". 

We started our field trip with lunch.  We drove to another town to have lunch at McDonald's but, more importantly, the McDonald's has a playland.  The boys love it - gives them a chance to run and climb and to make new friends.  I enjoy it because the boys are at an age where they just go and play so I get to "read and watch" while they play!

The second part of our field trip was something that Nate has been asking to do for months and, has been waiting to do since the first day of spring!  We went to the Skate Park.
 There is this fun little park about 10 minutes from our house that includes a skate park.  Nate has been so intrigued by it and was beyond thrilled to finally get to ride his back all over it.  I wanted to go during the week while other kids are in school so that I didn't have to worry about them running into anyone else (or being run into!)
 Josh loved it too - can you tell by his smile?

 Nate had to check out the ramps before he actually rode on them.

The boys rode bikes for well over an hour.  Two college age guys showed up to skateboard but they were extremely nice and Nate made "fast friends" with them. 

We ended our field trip with the grocery store.  The boys did awesome and it sure was nice to do grocery shopping during the day :-)