Monday, May 11, 2015

Make It Monday - Praying for our Kids

My kids are the most important "thing" in my life.  They are super cute, funny, fun, caring and, well, they drive me crazy.  But more than that, they burden my heart because my greatest desire is for them to grow up loving the Lord and knowing Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  I love that they are learning the Bible Truths and examples (I don't like calling them "stories" because the Bible is real - it is not a story book).  They understand more than I sometimes give them credit for and I love their simple, innocent ideas.  For example, Nate will tell me there are Four parts to God (not just the three parts - the Trinity).  My dad is probably cringing at the doctrinal implication I'm about to shatter HA According to Nate there is, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, and God, the father of Abraham. :-)  I love it.  Anytime a discussion comes up about the Trinity - Nate has to remind us that God is actually four parts ;-) 

Anyway, I cam across a great chart over at Keeping it Personal.  This chart shares 31 Biblical Principals to Pray for our children.
The blog author gives a great idea that goes beyond just praying these virtues.  She suggests actually talking about them with your children each day.  Sure, some of the ideas might be over a child's head depending on their age but that doesn't really matter.  The more we talk about things, the more kids learn.  So, for make-it-Monday, I'm printing this off for myself and I'm going to work on doing this every day; every month.  Not only praying these for my children but talking to them about these virtues.