Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Teaching Tuesdays -

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So, we have started the second semester . . .technically.  Second semester started last week, Tuesday.  The boys were visiting Papa and Nana and came home on Wednesday.  On Thursday, I finally felt like I can put everything "back together" - there was still stuff  not unpacked and put away from Christmas.  For Real.  So, I spent the day going from room to room and putting everything thing back in its rightful place.  The boys did educational things - built Legos, configured a race track and figured out how to get the electric cars working.  On Friday, we had our Co-Op so things were busy and, quite honestly, I was ready to get back into the grind.

Now, the scheduler is run to reflect that we started classes yesterday.  We have our goals for sight words, Josh has a book to record, Nate has January writings to finish and February writings to start, Josh has a writing assignment to do plus we have Valentines to write and sent in for his classmates.  Not to mention live lessons, gymnastics, AWANA, and Tae Kwon Do.

We have an ultimate goal (Ok, I have a goal)  to be 90% done with school by May 1st.  I'd like to have every subject completely done with Art, Science, Social Studies, and Technology leaving just Math and Reading.  Those two subjects I don't mind working on throughout May but I'd like to be done with those before Memorial day.  I know that once the weather gets nice - the boys want to be outside and that is one of the privileges of homeschool - getting to enjoy the weather!

With that said, we are busy working this week to stay current and maybe get ahead :-)