Saturday, September 7, 2013

Things my Kids Say

* Nate has lots of friends.  Like Johnny, Kaylen, Kylie, Jason . . . I hear him calling for them all over the house.  Some days they are missing, some days they are at work and some days they play with him. Oh, and I can't forget Kate.  Kate often eats dinner with us.  Mac and Cheese to be exact.  Of all of the friends, there is only one I know - Kate.  Kate is the boys cousin, whom they adore, so even when she isn't here, she is here in their minds HA!

* Josh is very independent (and stubborn and strong willed . .. you get the idea).  Recently he was trying to unzip a toy that holds all the dinosaurs and was super frustrated.  I asked him if he wanted help.  His response, "Don't look at me mom" (except said through gritted teeth).  Apparently looking at him is equivalent to giving him help, which he does not want.  He did has his brother to help him, which is a big step, but his brother refused. :-)

* At night, we lay down with the boys at bedtime for a little time of songs and stories.  We end the time with something the boys call "Littlebys".  What are Littlebys . . .see if this rings a bell.  "Lullaby and Good night, Go to sleep . . ." :-)  Every night Darryl and I make up words to the song based on the events of the day and sing it - the boys love it :-)

* Laying in bed tonight with Nate he said, "Mom, I love to Cuddle with you before I sleep"  How sweet is that???

*One day, while we were out, Josh was trying to talk to Darryl and I, but we were already having a conversation so we continued to talk. Then Josh said, 'You just don't even know I'm here". hahahaha We laughed so hard at that one!!! The kid has a sense of humor, let me tell you. Then, we were at a little fair and he got to ride a pony. As he rode around the ring, he bounced up and down and said, "I'm on a bumpy road, I'm a bumpy road". What a kid. 

*So Josh was playing the "guess what" game. He said, "Mom, Guess What?" I said, "What", He said, "I'm going to pull out your hair so you then you will look like dad with no hair" hahahahahahahaha THAT is classic!

* One night, while laying with Nate at bedtime, he asked me to sing songs (which is normal).  He started pointing towards the ceiling, moving his finger around like he was figuring something out . . then he would point and say, "sing this one mom" and tell me what to sing.  It wasn't until I told my husband this cute little action that we figured out what he was doing - he was using Papa's Ipad and moving the screen around to find what he wanted . . .all in his minds eye :-)